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If you own or manage a business in Edinburgh then you have likely heard of the term search engine optimisation, more commonly known as SEO Edinburgh. You have probably also been advised by various marketing “experts”, solicited and unsolicited, that your company’s online reputation and authority will be non-existent should you avoid investing in SEO. The truth is they are right. Your online reputation today will of course depend on your current website and level on online communication you provide to customers through that channel and otherwise. However, the digital industry changes at an incredible pace, meaning that even if your website is fairly modern and you are aware of some of the current digital trends you are likely to fall behind the times quickly unless you have at least one professional dedicated to keeping your digital channels up to date. In this digital climate it is easy to fall behind, don’t let this happen to your business. This article outlines why SEO affects the success of your business.

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SEO Edinburgh with Smarter Digital Marketing

If you don’t have a dedicated department or team for your business’ digital marketing, as is the case with most SMEs, then you may be missing out on valuable opportunities for growth. At Smarter Digital Marketing, there is a team of highly experienced marketing experts specialising in SEO Edinburgh, amongst other digital strategies, who are keen to take on projects both large and small. This agency is based in Glasgow city centre but do extensive work with clients from all over Scotland and several business based down south. From luxury watch repairs to tarmac contractors to prestigious plastic surgeons and even local Indian restaurants, this team of marketers have seen it all. The key to hiring a reliable digital marketing agency is finding a team that are passionate about what they do and have experience dealing in your industry. With Smarter Digital Marketing their experience is so vast you are guaranteed an impressive service.

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What to Expect from SEO Edinburgh Agency

Before you agree to work with any digital agency, it’s important you understand the process of SEO in order to manage your expectations. In the first instance you would have some sort of consultation to discuss your business goals, your current marketing strategies and the opportunities that the agency have to offer. Before you agree on a price you should be well aware that SEO does not happen overnight. Typically it takes three to six months to start seeing results and this will vary from business to business depending on the current level of optimisation on your website, your competitors, and the level of demand for your products and how big your budget is. The best way to know how much to spend on your agency is by evaluating the worth of increasing visitors to your site and staying ahead of your competitors in the digital market. For example, if you have two main competitors who currently invest a large sum into SEO  Edinburgh and have experts working on their account every day but you only pay to have experts work on your account a couple of times a week, the chances are you will not be able to surpass your competition on the SERPS. A winning strategy is realising that SEO is an ongoing process that requires consistency and patience.